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Our unique Stress Clinic can help you with stress-related physical problems like chronic pain, high blood pressure, headaches, chronic fatigue,tension, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, sleep problems, and more, using sophisticated techniques like mindfulness training, hypnosis, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Here's more information about some of our Stress Clinic Programs and Services.

The Advanced Stress Clinic Program

You can learn to overcome stress, pain, and anxiety in our Advanced Stress Clinic Program. Our Advanced Stress Clinic Program is modeled after a highly successful and innovative clinic based at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and featured on the Bill Moyers PBS TV special "Healing and the Mind". The program has proven remarkably effective in helping people overcome stress and get relief from pain. The program is particularly well suited for people suffering from stress, headaches, back pain, neck and shoulder paid, chest pain, abdominal pain, arthritis, and TMJ. The Advanced Stress Clinic Program is under the direction of Dr. Barry Sussman, a Board Certified licensed psychologist. Dr. Sussman will be pleased to answer all of you questions privately and confidentially. You can reach him at 561-376-4299, or by email at


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